Luscious, Desired Fine,Flame Opal Facet Rough!

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Luscious, Desired Fine,Flame Opal Facet Rough!

Luscious, Desired Fine,Flame Opal Facet Rough!
Item #: 022

This "Tiny Treasure" is a great parcel of the rare "Fine, Beautiful, Mexican Flame Opal Facet Rough!". This material is from a 30 year old superb lot we recently re-discovered in the back of our vault of a grade of material not readily available today!

Beautiful, superb, bright assorted colors of Orange, Red-Orange, Red, Yellow, and Water Clear -- from the heart of Mexico, where some of the nicest Opals in the World are found! These are natural colors. They have not been subject to treatment of any kind. You should have a gem in your collection cut from one of these!

Very, Very clean pieces in the 3-8 ct size range. Should yield 1-4 ct beautiful gems after cutting. They should produce Gems in sizes of 7 x 5's, 8 x 6's, or 9 x 7's and of course rounds in this size range as well!!

This is a 25ct parcel of these fine stones. Normally this parcel would be priced at $89.95. Our special price for these beautiful stones is just $49.95.

Shipping will be by FC US Postal Mail. Shipping cost of $ 6.95 will be paid for by the purchaser.

Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, Money Orders and Personal Checks are all accepted. Personal checks will require a wait of 2 weeks to clear prior to shipping.

Price : $49.95

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Luscious, Desired Fine,Flame Opal Facet Rough!

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