Luscious, Rare,Tawny, Oxblood Citrine Gem Facet Rough!

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Luscious, Rare,Tawny, Oxblood Citrine Gem Facet Rough!

Luscious, Rare,Tawny, Oxblood Citrine Gem Facet Rough!
Item #: 020

Exquisite, Tawny, Rio Rosa, Oxblood, Red-Orange Citrine Facet Rough! This beautiful and rare material originates in Argentina and is almost never available. This is from an old lot we recently discovered!

This is such an unusual color that Gems cut from it are frequently said to look like "Garnets"! A very warm, rich, glowing color that is bound to hypnotize you when you see its beauty.

These pieces are exceptionally clean virtually flawless (loupe clean at 18x) and range in weight from 5 - 7+ cts per piece. They have very chunky shapes!

They should yield 3-5 ct beautiful faceted Gems of high value after cutting. They should produce Gems in sizes of 7-9 mm rounds and at least 9 x 7 mm or a bit larger ovals!!

This sale is for one piece, very, very clean (loupe clean at 18x), virtually flawless in the 5 - 7+ ct size range, like those in the picture.

As a special offer, we are setting the price at just $24.95.

Buy now and be enjoying and/or cutting it soon!! You need to have one these in your collection. It will cut a Gem of significant value and great beauty!

Shipping of $6.95 by FC US Postal Mail will be paid for by the purchaser.

We accept Paypall, Personal Checks, Money Orders, Cashiers Checks, and Mastercard and Visa. Personal checks will require 2 weeks to clear prior to shipping. Ten day return privilege.

Price : $24.95

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Luscious, Rare,Tawny, Oxblood Citrine Gem Facet Rough!

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