Wow!! Beginner's Gem Facet Rough Special Parcel #1 !

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Wow!! Beginner's Gem Facet Rough Special Parcel #1 !

Wow!! Beginners Gem  Facet Rough Special Parcel #1 !
Item #: 013

Now, from Tiny Treasures Gems, a very special parcel for the Beginning Faceter, Student, or Economy Minded Cutter!

Just look at this fine assortment of rough pieces! (one each):

1. Nicely shaped Medium Amethyst 5 - 12+ cts in size.

2. Beautiful Medium Red-Orange Citrine 5 - 15+ cts in size.

3. Fine, intense red Almandine Garnet 7 - 10+ cts in size.

4. Very nice Chartreuse Beryl 2.5 - 9+ cts in size (a nice material to gain experience for cutting and polishing Aquamarine).

5. Clear, "Water White" Topaz (sometimes called Silver Topaz) 4 - 10 cts in size.

Yes, 5 pieces, about 35+ cts or more of great faceting materials in each parcel at this very low price!

These materials are specifically suited to a beginners needs, and are relatively easy to cut and polish. The Topaz piece will provide an easy learning experience in "Polishing" just a bit off a cleavage plane.

These are very nice, clean pieces. Some may contain an occasional inclusion that should remove easily during the preforming operation, or become unseen upon proper orientation. All are capable of producing "Eyeclean" or better Gems!!

This parcel represents a very nice value. Priced seperately these pieces would be well above $40.00

Buy now, and you can be enjoying or cutting these fine pieces in a few days!

Shipping will be by FC US Postal Mail. Shipping cost of $ 6.95 will be paid for by the purchaser.

Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, Money Orders and Personal Checks are all accepted. Personal checks will require a wait of 2 weeks to clear prior to shipping.

Price : $24.95

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Wow!! Beginner's Gem Facet Rough Special Parcel #1 !

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