Sparkling Round Apple Green Moldavite Tektite Loose Gemstones

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Sparkling Round Apple Green Moldavite Tektite Loose Gemstones

Sparkling Round Apple Green Moldavite Tektite Loose Gemstones
Item #: 001

OWN THIS GEM MATERIAL FROM OUTER SPACE NOW!!A MUST HAVE FOR ANY GEM COLLECTOR! This "Tiny Treasure" is an exceptionally fine "Apple Green" Moldavite Round Faceted Gem!

Moldavite is a very rare material and is partially from "Outer Space". Yes it is a piece of our universe that drifted near Earth and crashed to the ground.

Moldavite is thought to be ejecta from a Meteorite that crashed to earth somewhere near Stuttgart in Germany. Fragments of this collision (part of the meteorite that fused with natural silica of earth) ricocheted from the original crater and landed in the Moldau River region of Czechoslovakia. Only material from this Czechoslovakian local can rightlfully be called "Moldavite"!!

The rough that our "Apple Green" Moldavite Gems are faceted from, has been hand selected for us by an expert Chezcoslovakian miner about 15 years ago.

Criterion for selection of our cutting rough is top color, and minimum of typical "bubble" inclusions. Of course each piece has no internal cracks or flaws. A customer has commented "VERY POWERFUL , A GREAT STONE!

Our faceted Moldavites are "eye clean", but under high magnification you may see tiny "bubbles" which are characteristic of the Moldavite forming process of the Meteor impact. Each of our faceted Moldavites is cut by a very experienced Moldavite cutter with much care and precision. They are very highly "polished" to a beautiful finished Gem!

The Apple Green color is believed to be from nickle in the original meteor!

This beautiful, very brilliant Round Gem measures 5 mm and weighs 0.38 cts! This lot is for one stone like that in the picture and described here.

Buy now and be holding this magnificent "Object From Space" in your hand, or be wearing it soon!

Shipping of $6.95 by FC US Postal Mail.

Also please note that real "Moldavite" can only be from Czechoslovakia (Moldau River and Moldavia only in Chechoslovakia). Hence "African or Australian Moldavite" is a "misnomer"!!

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Price : $24.95


Sparkling Round Apple Green Moldavite Tektite Loose Gemstones

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