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Shipping Policy

Buyer pays all shipping and insurance charges. Indicated shipping charge is for domestic (stateside) shipping only. We ship to payee only. No third party shipments!

Please note that shipping costs are more than just the postage. It includes packaging materials, labor to package, and transportation to the post office. With gasoline at $3.00+/gallon, that transportation cost is now $5.40 per round trip.

Basic Domestic Shipping is US$ 6.95 per order. Canadian and Overseas orders - Air S&H is US$ 8.95.

Multiple sales may be combined ( i.e. 2,3,4,5, or more lots for the S&H cost of a single lot) to save on shipping costs (three day maximum interval between first and last winning sale). Email Tiny Treasures Gems for details on this after you have received our individual invoices for details. Some stones may be back lit to show clarity.

You may also Email us at any time at with any questions.

If you use Paypal for multiple lot payments, the easiest way is to click on the Paypal "Send Money" button, and send to If you list the individual lots shipping charges, use the "sellers discount" line to subtract the overage.

All text, descriptions, and pictures used here by tinytreasuresgems are owned and copywrited by tinytreasuresgems and my not be used without the express written permission of tinytreasuresgems!

Home > Shipping Policy

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